Red Stairs Over the Laundry Room

Capturing pictures of the everyday and mundane details of living in a place as odd as Berkeley’s Normandy Village means that I can look back to the little details. This maroon fire escape served as the back door to our apartment, but also easy access to the shared laundry room—and thus a route I frequently traversed, trying to find a time when the machines were free.

Red Stairs Over the Laundry Room


Garage of Berkeley

Down the tiny alleys, side streets, and driveways of Berkeley are all kinds of odd old garages. My favorite details of these structures usually come down to scale; the driveway tracks and garage measurements were clearly built to be just large enough for the cars of the period. As American vehicles have grown larger, they now appear comically mismatched with anything but a vintage car in the scene.

Garage of Berkeley

Sights from the Kentucky Horse Park

A year onward from the 2017 Kentucky Summer Classic and Pony Finals, I’m looking back at many of the images I captured. Many of these only saw the light of day previously through my Instagram account, so I thought it’d be appropriate to give a complete spectrum of the the KHP experience. Some of these shots are the from the Rolex Stadium’s Grand Prix, others from the humble warm-up ring; all of them show people focused on the equine world.

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 II

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 III

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 IV

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 VI

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 VII

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 VIII

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 IX

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 X

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 XIII

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 XIV

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 XV

Exiting the BART

The Downtown Berkeley BART stop was about to be closed for renovation when I last visited Berkeley. Have those changes been brought to fruition? Does that mean the end of the weathered bright entrances and weirdly sharp stairs? I know a quick search could answer these questions, but for just a moment I’m embracing the mystery.

Exiting the BART