Carleton Brooks

Today’s subject is trainer Carleton Brooks of Balmoral, here training his newest hunter, Carleton Z (coincidental naming).Old School Rider

Chaps are not common English riders—britches are more common. The back of his chaps, where one might normally put identification information, is instead emblazoned with the phrase, “You Know My Name” in red. Click through to the full-sized version of this image to see for yourself.


This particular weekend was a bit of a miniature family reunion, as Carleton’s brother (far right) was up to visit from Indiana.

The Family That Rides Together

Waiting for the Big Fireworks Show

Spending Independence Day in Traverse City, Michigan meant experiencing the TC Boom Boom Club’s (yes, really) annual fireworks display from the beach of the Grand Traverse Bay. Before they began, however, the families on the beach were making their own shows.

Waiting for the Big Fireworks Show