Normandy Cube

I’ve shown many parts of Berkeley’s Normandy Village, but perhaps not these square homes (that look like cubes with roofs jauntily capping them).

Normandy Cube


Paris Churches

I wasn’t surprised to find a plethora of churches in Paris, but I was surprised by their array of designs. This first example neatly abuts the sidewalk, filling its lot.

Paris Church I

By comparison, this next example is set back from the street and exhibits a vertical reflection plane.

Paris Church II

This last case has a wholly different geometry and stonework hue. Am I even sure this is a church? Christian imagery appears on so many buildings.

Paris Church III

Cinestudio: Movie Palace

Cinestudio is the independent movie theater on the campus of Trinity College. After volunteering at this nonprofit through all four years of college, a visit back during reunion was bound to be a bit special. The new sign and new seats in the movie-palace-style setting only added to the effect.

Cinestudio: Movie Palace