Governors Island (No Apostrophe)

Seen here from the One World Observatory on a sunny Sunday morning, Governors Island has been mostly transformed to park space. On the right side of the island, you can see the Longines Global Champions Tour grounds are still in place from the day before.

Governors Island (No Apostrophe)

Sort of a Cowboy

Two weeks ago, I showed you this series of six images of Payson and Piskor Halls, with the eventual idea of assembling them into a dynamic wallpaper for macOS. I’m happy to say that, after some troubleshooting, that process is done. The result is available here.

While horse shows aimed at English riding don’t tend to have an excess of cowboys present, this hat perhaps suggests otherwise.

Sort of a Cowboy

Remains of Berkeley Pier

In the era before the Bay Bridge and BART tunnel, the ferry between the East Bay and San Francisco departed from the end of a long pier. (The pier used to be even longer—the Berkeley Marina extended into the water around it.) The ferry ended service in 1937, after the bridge opened, but remained a popular location for fishing until it deteriorated to its current unsafe state. I’m kind of fascinated to see its skeleton jutting out into the Bay, a linear form amid rolling marine layer clouds.

Remains of Berkeley Pier

Six Views of Payson and Piskor

As I did in the past, I captured a time sequence of views of St. Lawrence University’s Payson and Piskor Halls (with the ultimate goal of making a dynamic desktop for macOS.) A steady tripod and a very large lens skirt made this possible.

I: Morning

Six Views of Payson and Piskor I: Day

II: Late Afternoon

Six Views of Payson and Piskor II: Late Afternoon

III: Sunset

Six Views of Payson and Piskor III: Sunset

IV: Blue Hour

Six Views of Payson and Piskor IV: Blue Hour

V: Night

Six Views of Payson and Piskor V: Night

VI: Dawn

Six Views of Payson and Piskor VI: Dawn