Fiddle head

Ferns always remind me of my childhood and Berkeley seems to have so few. I grabbed this shot at he Berkeley botanical gardens. Looking at this curled up fern up close makes it look like some sort of crazy alien life form.

Fiddle Head

The Turtle

At the center of the Nitobe Memorial Garden lies a peaceful pool filled with Koi, and in the middle of that pool lies the “Island of Eternity,” a small island in the shape of a turtle, pictured here.

The Turtle

Laying a foundation

My parents were recently doing some much needed repair work to one of the walls of their basement during which I was able to snag this shot of the wall in the midst of the repair work. The struts were just there to keep the rest of the house from sagging while the wall from being put in but it is slightly alarming at first glance how much those struts are flexing (not entirely the result of lens distortion!).

Raising the Roof