Two Spontaneous Alignments in San Diego

With so many tall, vertically oriented structures in a city, it’s probably no surprise that some of them should fall into pleasing alignment with one another. The modest glow of sunrise light through the gap between the clocktower and the adjacent building provides a friendly spark to guide the eye to the center of this image.

Clocktower Symmetry

In this second case, it’s harsher Sun, rather than palm trees and clock towers, that has found its way into a special alignment through the streets of San Diego. Bright light falls into this canyon that should otherwise be dawn dim.

San Diego Double Sun


Laying a foundation

My parents were recently doing some much needed repair work to one of the walls of their basement during which I was able to snag this shot of the wall in the midst of the repair work. The struts were just there to keep the rest of the house from sagging while the wall from being put in but it is slightly alarming at first glance how much those struts are flexing (not entirely the result of lens distortion!).

Raising the Roof