Shopping Spaces in Dublin

Reviewing my street photography from last November’s trip to Dublin, I was interested to find this set of three otherwise-unrelated images in which the sense of perspective above a busy crowd induced an element of symmetry and order.

St. Stephen's Symmetry

Shopping Faces

Apart from the Crowd


Riding Into the Sunset on Converging Paths

Interstates may seem a natural part of the American landscape, but the drone’s-eye view reveals the truth of how highways were laid atop the earlier landscape. I like the convergence of the headlights along both the country road and I-64, like two different eras running to a shared future.

Riding Into the Sunset on Converging Paths

Lake Mohonk in the Clouds

The line where the crown of trees around Lake Mohonk gives way to the much-farther-away trees of the valley beyond looks like the sort of trompe-l’œil that might, these days, be generated by a glitchy machine learning algorithm. In this case, however, it’s just down to the unique mountaintop-lake location of Mohonk Mountain House

Lake Mohonk in the Clouds

Two Spontaneous Alignments in San Diego

With so many tall, vertically oriented structures in a city, it’s probably no surprise that some of them should fall into pleasing alignment with one another. The modest glow of sunrise light through the gap between the clocktower and the adjacent building provides a friendly spark to guide the eye to the center of this image.

Clocktower Symmetry

In this second case, it’s harsher Sun, rather than palm trees and clock towers, that has found its way into a special alignment through the streets of San Diego. Bright light falls into this canyon that should otherwise be dawn dim.

San Diego Double Sun

Muscle Cars at Dawn in San Diego

Dawn makes for this dynamic moment when parts of a scene are thrown into dramatic sunlight while others still benefit from delicate, scattered, indirect light.

I like these shots for how the Ford Mustang and Dodge Charger are bathed in relatively gentle, flattering light, but headlights and sunlight make the rest of the scene comparatively high-contrast.

Commuting in the 'Stang

Dawn Charger

San Diego Runners

I last traveled to San Diego to present at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society—but while that meeting took place during the day, early morning was unaccounted-for time. I went exploring in the area around the San Diego Convention Center and found that most of my early-morning compatriots were runners.

In this quartet of images, I’ve captured a few of those runners in the dramatic early-morning California sunlight.

San Diego Runner I

San Diego Runner II

San Diego Runner III

San Diego Runner IV

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3

After exploring the first two days of Pony Finals 2022, we’ve reached the last day of my coverage. The positive vibes are rolling…

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 I

But already, there are some sad faces as horses and ponies start to ship out.

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 II

The warm-up ring is filled no only with young equestrians pursuing its eponymous activity, but also trial rides for folks considering purchasing or leasing.

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 III

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 IV

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 VI really enjoy the “follow the leader” pattern of this image.

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 VI

Over by the Rolex, a loner rider slowly walks back to the barn.

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 VII

I love the energy of an excited rider, fresh out of the ring after a great ride. Hanging out by the Rolex’s in gate gives me the perfect opportunity to captures shots like these.

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 VIIIPony Finals 2022 Day 3 IX

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 X

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 XI

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 XII

Overlooking the scene gives me some opportunity to make additions to a recent photographic trope I’ve favored: pictures of a grand scene with an obvious place from which a view can watch.

Can you see the pony jumping in the distance in each of these shots?

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 XIII

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 XIV: The Rolex