Sun Column on the Rive Gauche

I took eight years of French classes as a middle- and high-school student, and those courses’ textbooks inevitably had charming pictures of Parisian locales throughout. In trying to cover a wide range of French experiences, those books tended to show “everyday” life alongside the expected pictures of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and so I came to associate all of these images with a sort of “imaginary,” idealized Paris.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived in France and found that it looks exactly like my books.

Sun Column on the Rive Gauche


A Home in the Shadows of Utah

The smooth, iterative patterns of rolling Utah hills are only occasionally interrupted by the cubic forms of little homesteads. I happened to be rolling down the Interstate at just the right moment to catch this house peaking out from the shadow of the nearby hill into the morning light.

A Home in the Shadows of Utah

Western Landscape I & II

Working through processing my back-catalog of sabbatical photos, I’ve finally come to the end of those I took in California. My semester of science and good food had come to an end, and now we drove back across the continent. The drive in December meant lots of snow-covered deserts and hillsides; summer was a bit different.

Western Landscape I

The human-made structures are as insignificant as you’d expect in the face of the great, empty American West.

Western Landscape II

Curves Into the Distance

Crossing the American West last winter, I was struck by the profound changes to the landscape affected by large-scale infrastructure programs. Rural electrification resulted in an expectation of electrical availability, and power lines now stretch to the horizon.

Sunset Lines

In much the same way, lines of Interstate highway curve off to the distance, twinned East and West streams.

Twins, East and West