About Decaseconds

Decaseconds is a photography blog focusing on HDR landscape photography (and occasionally branching into anything else that excites us.) Our photography spans the globe, though our focus is on the United States. The blog is run by Adam Hill and Brendan Abolins. Adam posts on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule; Brendan posts on a Tuesday-Thursday schedule.

Images and text for the website are (for the most part) licensed in the Creative Commons: reuse and adaptation are acceptable with attribution for noncommercial purposes.


12 thoughts on “About Decaseconds”

    1. Thanks! The color part can be a real challenge—particularly since everyones’ monitors have their own color settings!

  1. What beautiful photographs! I am honor you visited my blog and gave me a like. i hope you will return again soon and often! Namaste. . .

  2. Adam, could we use one of your photos of Muir Woods for the 2015 Marin County calendar?

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