New Year Special: Streets of San Francisco

Happy New Year!

As a celebration of 2018, I wanted to show a large set of the street photography images I took while in San Francisco for my 2017 sabbatical. That seems to be a fitting way to look back on the year that has passed.

San Francisco Street: Streetcar

San Francisco Street: Style

San Francisco Street: Waiting

San Francisco Street: Bicycle

San Francisco Street: The Answer Is Always Miata

San Francisco Street: Couple

San Francisco Street: Hidden in the Alleyway

San Francisco Street: Hailing

San Francisco Street: Jaguar


California Convertible at Midsummer

Our first snow of the year arrived last night, so I thought now was a perfect time to look back on summer nights with convertible German sports cars and Bay Area sunsets.

California Convertible at Midsummer

Standard Berkeley Street Scenes

The title of today’s post is somewhat sarcastic: there is such an incredible variety of vehicles and homes visible on any Berkeley street that a “standard” is impossible. This Volvo wagon and turreted home both seemed like prime examples of classic Berkeley engineering.

Standard Berkeley Chariot

Standard Berkeley Home


Our 11-year-old car just passed the 200,000-mile mark on the odometer. It’s been with us for multiple transcontinental drives and a lot of smaller road-trips in between. This is our unicorn: a combination of manual transmission, smooth straight-six engine, all-wheel drive, and cavernous station wagon that’s simply no longer available from any manufacturer. What will we do when this car is ready for retirement? That’s a tough question.