Riding in New York City

Last fall, we traveled to Governors Island, just off Manhattan, to see the Longines Global Champions League competition. Teams from all over the world ferried horses to the weird little island to clear some serious jumps.

Riding on Governors Island

And here is the likely reason for the League’s stop in New York City: Georgina Bloomberg, owner of the New York Empire

Hometown Rider

Helicopters Over the East River

The brightly colored helicopters leaving the heliport on the East River stand out against gray and green colors of Brooklyn.

Twentieth-Century Aircraft with Nineteenth-Century Bridge

Just moments later, that color palette swaps—a colorless helicopter in front of colorful buildings. Perhaps my favorite detail of this image is just how much you can see of the passenger (first officer?) in the window of the Eurocopter, adding a human element to an array of otherwise designed/manufactured structures.

Eurocopter + Brooklyn

Above the Waterfall at Sunset

Quadcopter drones give photographers access to all kinds of new angles for shots, but also introduce challenges that did not have to previously be considered. I should have thought in more detail about the orientation of the impressive Lampson Falls—and considered that I wouldn’t be able to get the steep face of the falls and the setting sun in the same shot. I guess I’ll have to get up at dawn for the “proper” version of this picture.

Above the Waterfall at Sunset

Glass Bridges of Johnson Hall

I often show what I think of as the front of Johnson Hall of Science, but inspection of this image (particularly the top of the brick wing on the left) shows that the building’s name, and thus its front, are on this side. The dramatic glass structures extending between and out from the wings lend credence to the idea.

Glass Bridges of Johnson Hall