Raether Library Well

The multistory lobby of Trinity College’s Raether Library was impressive and modern to me when I was a student, shortly after it was built… And I’m happy to report that it remains so to this day.Raether Library Well


Avengers vs. King Kong

Manhattan has been the site of an unsurprisingly large number of climactic cinematic showdowns. In the dramatic golden light of an autumn sunset, this particular image contrasts two tall towers on the horizon: in the east, the Empire State Building, site of King Kong’s climb, and in the west, the new Hudson Yard buildings that bear a marked resemblance to Stark Tower from the Avengers.

Avengers vs. King Kong

Guest Post: St. Croix East End

Today’s guest post is by David Bain:
The eastern end of St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands. The entire east end of the island is a protected area with a few trails, and I did a lot of exploring there back when my parents lived on the island. I’ve climbed to the top of Goat Hill in the right of the picture and snorkeled in Boiler Bay to the left.”

St. Croix East End