Kentucky Front Porch Sequence

To produce this 24-hour auto-changing desktop, I took pictures on our Lexington, Kentucky cottage’s front porch over the course of a day. Though some changes, like the clouds and sky, I expected, I was more surprised to see the variation in light reflected from the white roof of the porch over the course of the day.


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence I: Dawn


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence II: Morning


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence III: Midday


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence IV: Afternoon


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence V: Dusk

Blue Hour

Kentucky Front Porch Sequence VI: Blue Hour


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence VII: Night

Scenes from the Ferry Across Lake Champlain

The ferry across Lake Champlain is brief—no need for cabins when a few benches will do. The calm of mid-century American design makes the place feel like every other ferry you’ve ever been on.

Ferry Commons

Cars and bikes waited on the deck below. I rather like the notice about stopping motors and setting brakes above two vehicles for which that isn’t likely to be an issue.


Tiny Doors to Knowledge

On a cloudy day, the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh has a softness to its stone exterior. (Its interior, as I’ve shown in the past, is equally stunning.) The sense of scale to the image (and the distortion of the wide-angle lens) can play tricks on your mind, making the whole scene seem smaller than it really is. To get a feel for the imposing/soft contradiction, concentrate on those improbably small revolving doors. They must be human-sized, right?

Tiny Doors to Knowledge

Oak Snow Shelter

Snow comes early to the North Country. Nothing quite justifies a cold morning more than waking up to a lovely dusting of snow and flakes in the air. The oak trees are still stubbornly holding onto their leaves, and thus there was a cozy snow-free zone (and a welcoming bench) from which to watch the snow this morning. Johnson Hall of Science looks friendly in all seasons.

Oak Snow Shelter