Crest in the Bay

I imagine the Bay Area like an elementary-school art project bowl, a bit lump and uneven but mostly ringed with hills. And like a proud child filling their handmade bowl with mounds of cereal and milk, there are lumps and liquid in the middle. If I strain the simile to the limit, both the bowl and the Bay are home of delicious foodstuffs. Rushing to the crest of Berkeley’s Grizzly Peak after a rich dinner, I can see the whole bowl. (And avoid the skunk sneaking up on us in the tall grass.)

Crest in the Bay

Little Stony Falls

While I’m sure it was helped out by recent rainfall, it was worth braving the cold weather and avoiding the falling icicles (you can see some next to the falls if you look closely) to catch the falls in full form. I’ll definitely come back when it’s a bit easier to get down closer to the actual falls.

Little Stony II

Little Stony Falls