Kentucky Front Porch Sequence

To produce this 24-hour auto-changing desktop, I took pictures on our Lexington, Kentucky cottage’s front porch over the course of a day. Though some changes, like the clouds and sky, I expected, I was more surprised to see the variation in light reflected from the white roof of the porch over the course of the day.


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence I: Dawn


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence II: Morning


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence III: Midday


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence IV: Afternoon


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence V: Dusk

Blue Hour

Kentucky Front Porch Sequence VI: Blue Hour


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence VII: Night

Woodford/Scott County Country Life

Summer in Kentucky is the stuff of country music songs and Hunter S. Thompson essays. This pair of images captures a Bourbon-y taste of that humid, breezy life.

Creek Between Counties

Porch Swing

Lake Mohonk Rocking Chairs

Morning sun across the old wood of Mohonk’s porch matches perfectly with the coils of vapor from a hot cup of coffee. I think this photograph effectively captures the ladder-like pattern in the chair shadows and the possibilities of hiking in the hills beyond the lake.

Lake Mohonk Rocking Chairs

Snow Porch

During the blazing August heat, looking back to winter pictures leads to the oddest “time machine effect.” As you can see from the rapidly filling tire tracks in the driveway, we barely made it home ahead of what turned out to be a fierce storm. The comfort of “I don’t have to go out there” is so amplified when standing on a perfect porch, next to the door to a cozy house, and seeing the frozen, dark contrast in the graveyard across the way.

Snow Porch