From the Vineyard to the Highway

Light trails from (a) vehicles leaving a concert at Equus Run Vineyards and (b) cruising along the nearby highway might imply some connection between the two, but years of renting the summer cottage at the left side of this picture has taught us the truth: it’s a surprisingly long drive down back-country roads to reach that interstate.

From the Vineyard to the Highway


Equus Run, a Concert, and Margaux

Last Wednesday, I showed you the light trails of concertgoers leaving Equus Run Vineyards. Today, I bring you a bird’s eye view of the same moments. In the distance, Margaux is quiet for the evening; in the midground, car headlights bounce off the grapes; in the foreground, light trails highlight the bridge and the road through the trees.

Equus Run, a Concert, and Margaux

Leaving a Mary Chapin Carpenter Concert

Equus Run Vineyard holds summer concerts, using the ample space available among the vines.

Leaving the Concert at Night I

Our little cottage is across the street; after listening to the concert, we got a secondary show watching concertgoers depart.

Letting the Traffic Pass By

Legend Mary Chapin Carpenter was playing, so the line continued for quite a while.

Leaving the Concert at Night II

Kentucky Front Porch Sequence

To produce this 24-hour auto-changing desktop, I took pictures on our Lexington, Kentucky cottage’s front porch over the course of a day. Though some changes, like the clouds and sky, I expected, I was more surprised to see the variation in light reflected from the white roof of the porch over the course of the day.


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence I: Dawn


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence II: Morning


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence III: Midday


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence IV: Afternoon


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence V: Dusk

Blue Hour

Kentucky Front Porch Sequence VI: Blue Hour


Kentucky Front Porch Sequence VII: Night