Adirondacks June

Is there any better place to be at the end of June than the Adirondacks? A soft carpet of moss and pine needles, a smooth varnished wood bench, and a evening view of Saranac Lake makes a great combination.

Adirondacks June



Volkswagen (this specific microbus, as well as the overall company) has suffered from some mismanagement. The chrome is scratched, the paint is oxidized, and there’s moss growing in the corners. I’m not sure, come to think of it, that this bus was still running. Perhaps it was another perpetual Berkeley lawn sculpture.


Small Mushroom and Stones

Backing up from grand views of public spaces in modern, urban settings, I present some photographs of small yet appealing shapes from a recent hike. I like the way these stones have carved pillars beneath them where erosion was prevented.

Small Stones

The living things make their own little shapes in Stone Valley, too. The moss hasn’t grown as much in the shadow of the mushroom.

Small Mushroom

77 Log Bridge

If you have never visited the Nitobe Memorial Garden on UBC’s campus you are really missing out. It is an authentic Japanese garden which is painstakingly maintained. Strolling through you get the feeling that not a single rock is out of place, and that ever leaf is placed precisely where it ought to be. It’s really the kind of place you could spend an entire afternoon walking through and enjoying.

Pictured here is one of the bridges, the so-called 77 Log Bridge. I fee like this shot really captures the tranquility of the garden, reflected in the stillness of the water.

Tranquility and the Log Bridge