Under the Learned Arches

The University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning is overwhelming. Huge, Neo-Gothic ceilings, intricate lights, and arrays of tables decorated with busy students. I’m so amazed by this building because it’s not a library; in essence, it’s just an amazing general-use and administration building. Among these hallways are rooms decorated in the historical styles of dozens of world nations. In essence, picking a random room only contributes to the Hogwarts feeling.

Under the Learned Arches

6 thoughts on “Under the Learned Arches”

  1. Reblogged this on cassandraheredia and commented:
    I post quite a bit about turmoil in the world, but sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate the beauty that man can create – and capture – in space and a moment. Hope everyone enjoys this photograph as much as I do.

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