Fast at any Speed

To finish off my week of playing car photographer, I present a shot of a very pretty Ferrari 328 GTS which is often seen parked around campus. Here I was really playing with the depth of field, and I may have gone a little overboard. Still, I like the effect, it makes the car look fast, even when its parked.

Red Ferrari

The Mighty University Library

The libraries on UC Berkeley’s campus are truly a sight to behold (if you ever get the chance to check out the Gardner Stacks, do it; it’s a massive underground book repository and it is amazing, like the ruins in Skyrim or something) but perhaps none more than the Doe Memorial Library previously featured here and here. The scale is truly amazing. You can compare it to the people sitting around the steps for a sense of scale, but this is massive and it feels twice as big on the inside.

Palace of Knowledge

Hanging sculpture

Another one of those hidden spaces, the engineering library in Bechtel hall on Berkeley’s campus is surprisingly off the beaten path. This portal into the depths is located off one of the main routes onto campus from the north, and the sides are about chest height and so it’s easy to miss the hanging sculpture which hangs above the entrance to the library.

Hanging Sculpture


It’s amazing how quickly Campbell hall (previously featured in various stages of its deconstruction here and here) has been reduced to a pile or rubble. Just this past week they have completed the demolition but I was able to capture this shot, with the Campanile in the background, just before it stopped looking like a building and started looking like a pile of rubble.