Snow Porch

During the blazing August heat, looking back to winter pictures leads to the oddest “time machine effect.” As you can see from the rapidly filling tire tracks in the driveway, we barely made it home ahead of what turned out to be a fierce storm. The comfort of “I don’t have to go out there” is so amplified when standing on a perfect porch, next to the door to a cozy house, and seeing the frozen, dark contrast in the graveyard across the way.

Snow Porch


3 thoughts on “Snow Porch”

  1. Perfect post. What wonderful memories you are evoking – especially since we have started spending winters in southern Florida instead of Michigan. But my favorite part of winter has always been getting snowed in by a huge dump. You described it perfectly.

  2. This has an almost surreal quality to it. The lighting seems almost unreal. With these factors the image really draws your attention. If you printed this, how big could you go? These HDR photos seem to need showing in a light box that is 3′ x 5′. What an impact that would make.

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