Agriculture in Thermal

Traveling southeast into the expanse of Coachella Valley, more and more of the regions farms still remain.

Coachella Valley Field

Though suburban sprawl may eventually make its way down here, “California rural” remains for now.

Rancho Polo

High-end homes nestle between groves of date trees.

Sunset Comes Early When the Mountains Are Tall


Margaux Loop

Nearly the entire territory of Margaux has been adjusted (terraformed, if you will) to serve its equestrian focus. I appreciate, however, the more pleasing, smooth shapes to the roads and paddocks, in the place of the grid system that might have otherwise been manifest.

Margaux Loop

Miyazaki’s Kentucky

Hayao Miyazaki’s films are notable for these beautiful landscape/establishing shots of windswept grassy hillsides beneath huge cumulus clouds. The gentle, rolling limestone hills of northern Kentucky, with some cows grazing quietly in the distance, made me feel like I was in a Miyazakiesque setting.

Miyazaki's Kentucky

Dawn on Interstate 64

Good news, everyone! A new, much-lighter, yet equally capable drone (the DJI Mini 3 Pro) means aerial photography while traveling in a way that was never possible with my chunky Phantom 3.

In today’s image, northern Kentucky presents a classic American combination: old barns and farms, crossed by the monolithic expanse of the Interstate system.

Dawn on Interstate 64

Moments Before Sunset Over Glencrest

This incredible summer sunset view over Glencrest Farm in Kentucky came at the perfect time to test out my new lens: a 70-200 f/2.8 (the “classic” sports photography lens) for my Sony a7R IV. Though I had such a lens for my Nikons years ago, updating all of my glass for the new camera has, of course, been a process.

Moments Before Sunset Over Glencrest

A Visit to Albion Equestrian Center

Albion College’s Equestrian Center sits on 340 acres near the outskirts of campus. In addition to fields and paddocks, the manor house of the land’s previous inhabitants sits on a nearby hill, overlooking the goings-on.

Albion Equestrian Landscape

The facility has a lot of hay storage.

Hay and Lots of It

Inside the facility, the region’s Pony Clubs were holding a rally. This particular pony looks pretty surprised to be finding themselves in the wash stall.

Wash Surprise