Napa Sunrise

While the rest of a wine-weekend gang slept in or drank coffee in their pajamas, I climbed the hill behind the house to catch this Saturday morning sunrise over Napa’s dormant vines.

Napa Sunrise

Woodford/Scott County Country Life

Summer in Kentucky is the stuff of country music songs and Hunter S. Thompson essays. This pair of images captures a Bourbon-y taste of that humid, breezy life.

Creek Between Counties

Porch Swing

Views of the Past

These images are from the Genessee Country Village and Museum, which recreates some of the aspects of nineteenth-century American life. I thought that a bit of black and white photography (with an HDR touch) could be the perfect tool to convey the moment-out-of-time aspect. Here, a balloon is ready for launch.

Civil War Balloon


The old buildings have a smallness to them that I appreciated: the distance between stories was not so large, and they feel on more of a human scale.

Genessee General Store