Agriculture in Thermal

Traveling southeast into the expanse of Coachella Valley, more and more of the regions farms still remain.

Coachella Valley Field

Though suburban sprawl may eventually make its way down here, “California rural” remains for now.

Rancho Polo

High-end homes nestle between groves of date trees.

Sunset Comes Early When the Mountains Are Tall


Night Arrives Above Empire Polo Club

I guess I’m still discovering new tricks up the DJI Mini 3 Pro’s sleeve. I’ve never managed to create a panorama (much less one looking up) from drone images before, but this massive shot of the sunset over the San Jacinto Mountains has changed all of that. The pink clouds arc above and the Empire Polo Club (home of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival) spreads across the foreground.

Night Arrives Above Empire Polo Club

(You’ll definitely want to click through for full resolution on this one.)

Clear Sky Expanse

The Thanksgiving evening was perfectly clear, as late-autumn evenings in the desert often are, and I felt like I could see forever: stones and brush in the foreground, over the Pines to Palms Highway, across the irrigated valley floor, before slicing the final bits of sunlight off the tops of the Little San Bernardino Mountains.

Clear Sky Expanse