Red Light on Red Brick

Deep reds and purples stretch across campus at sunset. My favorite time to capture with my drone is the moment between when campus’s lights come on and the sun finishes setting—that time in which the two sources of illumination are dueling.

Red Light on Red Brick


Summer Sunset in Canton, New York

Sunsets might be a cliché subject for a landscape photograph, but the North Country’s specimens offer such glowing, striated features with such regularity that the truly exceptional examples can strain my belief in atmospheric models of cloud formation and light scattering.

Summer Sunset in Canton, New York

Summer Bridge Construction

Heavy traffic isn’t restricted to city centers! This summer, Canton’s bridge over the Grasse river is being repaired, cutting it from four lanes to two. Around 8:00, 12:00, and 4:00, traffic backs up for half a mile down Main Street. (But I’d rather the traffic than skipping the bridge repairs…)

Summer Bridge Construction

Curves Into the Distance

Crossing the American West last winter, I was struck by the profound changes to the landscape affected by large-scale infrastructure programs. Rural electrification resulted in an expectation of electrical availability, and power lines now stretch to the horizon.

Sunset Lines

In much the same way, lines of Interstate highway curve off to the distance, twinned East and West streams.

Twins, East and West

Wyoming Wides

Along Interstate 80, stretches of winter Wyoming are wide and barren like I wouldn’t have believed.

Wyoming Setting

In a few stretches, mountains or wind farms crop up in the distance.

Wind Farm

But it’s perhaps this image of an orange house, like something from a mid-twentieth-century landscape painting, that best captures the experience.

Wyoming Orange