Wyoming Wides

Along Interstate 80, stretches of winter Wyoming are wide and barren like I wouldn’t have believed.

Wyoming Setting

In a few stretches, mountains or wind farms crop up in the distance.

Wind Farm

But it’s perhaps this image of an orange house, like something from a mid-twentieth-century landscape painting, that best captures the experience.

Wyoming Orange

Two Views of Western Nevada

Transcontinental driving in the dead of winter is all about dodging storms—but no one’s perfect. In the emptiness of Western Nevada, with only an occasional RV/farm combo to keep us company, the edge of a major storm ran into the setting sun.

Western Nevada Pastoral

“Post-apocalyptic” was the general vibe. The landscape was so large as to be without scale; I couldn’t tell you the actual height of the hills in the distance.

Somewhere in the American West

American Cinema

The American Theatre in Canton, New York has survived many a winter (and an unfortunately interior remodeling) with much of its twentieth-century charm intact. Continuing my investigation of the “slightly sinister” in small-town America (from yesterday and last spring), this is yet another charming vision of Americana. The echo of a passing car’s headlights in the street below only adds to the mystery.

American Cinema