Swimming at Mohonk

Far in the distance of last Friday’s post was Mohonk Mountain House’s swimming area; I thought it deserved a closer look. The glacier-formed cliffs, tall trees, and array of wooden structures reminds me (oddly enough) of a Shinto shrine—though obviously without the spiritual aspect.

Swimming at Mohonk


Muscle Cars at Dawn in San Diego

Dawn makes for this dynamic moment when parts of a scene are thrown into dramatic sunlight while others still benefit from delicate, scattered, indirect light.

I like these shots for how the Ford Mustang and Dodge Charger are bathed in relatively gentle, flattering light, but headlights and sunlight make the rest of the scene comparatively high-contrast.

Commuting in the 'Stang

Dawn Charger

A E S T H E T I C Rail

I’ve played with that 90’s vaporwave aesthetic in the past with aggressive color grading; on this particular San Diego dawn, those steps were hardly necessary. Palm trees and magenta hues do most of the hard work for themselves. I can hear the synths already…

A E S T H E T I C Rail

San Diego Runners

I last traveled to San Diego to present at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society—but while that meeting took place during the day, early morning was unaccounted-for time. I went exploring in the area around the San Diego Convention Center and found that most of my early-morning compatriots were runners.

In this quartet of images, I’ve captured a few of those runners in the dramatic early-morning California sunlight.

San Diego Runner I

San Diego Runner II

San Diego Runner III

San Diego Runner IV

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3

After exploring the first two days of Pony Finals 2022, we’ve reached the last day of my coverage. The positive vibes are rolling…

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 I

But already, there are some sad faces as horses and ponies start to ship out.

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 II

The warm-up ring is filled no only with young equestrians pursuing its eponymous activity, but also trial rides for folks considering purchasing or leasing.

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 III

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 IV

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 VI really enjoy the “follow the leader” pattern of this image.

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 VI

Over by the Rolex, a loner rider slowly walks back to the barn.

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 VII

I love the energy of an excited rider, fresh out of the ring after a great ride. Hanging out by the Rolex’s in gate gives me the perfect opportunity to captures shots like these.

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 VIIIPony Finals 2022 Day 3 IX

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 X

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 XI

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 XII

Overlooking the scene gives me some opportunity to make additions to a recent photographic trope I’ve favored: pictures of a grand scene with an obvious place from which a view can watch.

Can you see the pony jumping in the distance in each of these shots?

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 XIII

Pony Finals 2022 Day 3 XIV: The Rolex

Breakfast on the Porch II

A perfect late-summer morning at Mohonk Mountain House holds the promise of a day spent outside. While this image may be a sequel to last week’s post, I think this other angle reveals a far different view of the possibilities a day can hold when experiencing vacation.

Breakfast on the Porch II