Zoo Creatures

Previous images from the Cincinnati Zoo that I brought you came with ample description of the animals present. For the set of photos today, I was so caught up in capturing the moment that I neglected to record much about their identities.

This bird displays a wild array of feathers, but I like the color similarities between its red eye and burgundy feathers even more.

Zoo Bird

This member of canidae looks to be less than fully grown, but already fully charming.


Last but not least, I thought this literal picture of a cat picture (an ocelot, I believe) captures the zoo experience quite well.

Cat Picture

Cheetah Portrait

I had an up-close-and-personal, early-morning meeting with this particular cheetah in Zulu Nyala. (She wears a radio tracking collar so that vets can care for her and her offspring.) Staring into the face of evolution’s high-velocity interceptor on a rainy morning is a more effective wake-up than 100 cups of coffee.

Cheetah Portrait