Minibikes of the Kentucky Horse Park

These miniature dirt bikes are absolutely ubiquitous at Kentucky Horse Park as easy runabouts when a “full-sized” golf cart would be overkill. (And yes, I appreciate the humor that a tiny golf-cart is the three-row SUV of the horse world.)

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 I

Even these tiny bikes are more commonly seen with two riders—particularly in the vicinity of the snack bar.

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 XI

Passengers are invaluable for coffee-handling duties.

Kentucky Summer Classic 2017 XII

Helmets, mandatory when on horseback, are evidently not à la mode for minibikes.

Old Under New

Striking modern architecture next to industrialization-era brick and ironwork makes for a dramatic combination. It’s also the bedrock style of my favorite cities, including New York and San Francisco. In this particular image, the sport bike and the small group enjoying breakfast at front add the perfect hint of scale.

Old Under New