Eighteenth-Century Garden

The recreation of Fort Boonesborough features, at its center, a garden. Though the place may be a mostly accurate recreation, I wonder whether the species within the garden are accurate to what settlers at the time would have planted?

Eighteenth-Century Garden


Miniature Wright Flyer

At the Wright Brothers National Memorial in the Outer Banks there’s a bronze statue of the launching of the Wright flyer. From the top of the hill overlooking the scene its hard to tell the difference between the bronze figures and the people looking at the statue, so that they all look like little figurines.

Miniature Wright Flyer

Views of the Past

These images are from the Genessee Country Village and Museum, which recreates some of the aspects of nineteenth-century American life. I thought that a bit of black and white photography (with an HDR touch) could be the perfect tool to convey the moment-out-of-time aspect. Here, a balloon is ready for launch.

Civil War Balloon


The old buildings have a smallness to them that I appreciated: the distance between stories was not so large, and they feel on more of a human scale.

Genessee General Store

Coastal Battery

On the recent trip to Muir woods we took a trip over to an old coastal battery turned park overlooking the ocean. Well, not much really overlooks the coast on a foggy morning like this. It sort of makes one wonder how effective these overlooks were, at least early in the morning. Almost makes you wonder what’s hiding out there in the fog.

Even if it is more Silent Hill than Far Cry the view is a neat one.

Protecting the Coast