Leaving a Mary Chapin Carpenter Concert

Equus Run Vineyard holds summer concerts, using the ample space available among the vines.

Leaving the Concert at Night I

Our little cottage is across the street; after listening to the concert, we got a secondary show watching concertgoers depart.

Letting the Traffic Pass By

Legend Mary Chapin Carpenter was playing, so the line continued for quite a while.

Leaving the Concert at Night II


1 thought on “Leaving a Mary Chapin Carpenter Concert”

  1. […] Last Wednesday, I showed you the light trails of concertgoers leaving Equus Run Vineyards. Today, I bring you a bird’s eye view of the same moments. In the distance, Margaux is quiet for the evening; in the midground, car headlights bounce off the grapes; in the foreground, light trails highlight the bridge and the road through the trees. […]

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