Helicopters Over the East River

The brightly colored helicopters leaving the heliport on the East River stand out against gray and green colors of Brooklyn.

Twentieth-Century Aircraft with Nineteenth-Century Bridge

Just moments later, that color palette swaps—a colorless helicopter in front of colorful buildings. Perhaps my favorite detail of this image is just how much you can see of the passenger (first officer?) in the window of the Eurocopter, adding a human element to an array of otherwise designed/manufactured structures.

Eurocopter + Brooklyn

Contemplating Age

Decaseconds turns five years old just about this week, and today I’m turning 30. “Now” is a good time to think about age and the passage of time, I suppose, but I’d rather focus on something else: achievement. We’ve gotten a lot done in the past years—and there’s a lot more to come. Looking back on my early photographs on places like Berkeley’s Campanile, I can see all of the steps that led me to now. On to the next year!