Guest Post: St. Croix East End

Today’s guest post is by David Bain:
The eastern end of St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands. The entire east end of the island is a protected area with a few trails, and I did a lot of exploring there back when my parents lived on the island. I’ve climbed to the top of Goat Hill in the right of the picture and snorkeled in Boiler Bay to the left.”

St. Croix East End


Lake Louise Cabin

Today’s guest post comes from Dr. Piper Klemm, publisher of The Plaid Horse. Piper is traveling the northern land of Alberta, Canada for the Calgary Stampede. She stopped by Lake Louise, near the border with British Columbia, and home to some incredible views (more to come). This particular moment, with sunlight peaking through the clouds to illuminate a lakeside cabin and the canoes on the right of the image, was too perfect to resist posting.

Lake Louise Cabin


Today’s photograph comes courtesy of Dr. Piper Klemm.

Alexander Bontemps shows Katie Riddle in the $50,000 Go Rentals Grand Prix at the Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS) Thermal Desert circuit near Indio, California. Katie Riddle is a 14 year old, 16.1 h gray mare who has competed at the international level for the United States in numerous competitions, including being a member of a winning Nations Cup team in Buenos Aires in 2010.


Guest Post: Nature Rewards the Patient Photographer

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Zack Mensinger.

After spending the afternoon in the Mariposa Grove, the plan was to head back to the valley for the evening, but after rounding the first bend offering a view of the valley, it was perfectly clear that the right choice would be to stay at Tunnel View and watch the sunset. The conditions with the fog alone were incredible, but the clouds promised beautiful sunset color as well. Nature delivered on this promise and the scene was unforgettable. This photo is from a single RAW exposure, with levels adjusted to better balance the valley and sky. My only real wish was that the foreground clouds would catch some color too, but they were too low and were in the shade of the mountains already. A little patience paid amazing returns in this case!

Yosemite Grandeur