Midway’s Water Tower

The antique water tower of Midway, Kentucky is often visible in the distance in my drone shots; it’s not usually the case that I’m in such proximity to its rusty form.

Midway's Water Tower


Radial Supercharging

As a child, I loved the “Incredible Cross Sections” books. In the Aviation Museum of Lexington, I came face-to-face with the real-life equivalent in this supercharger cutaway. I love the way the red paint shows which components have been cut away to reveal the interior.

Radial Supercharging

Hanging sculpture

Another one of those hidden spaces, the engineering library in Bechtel hall on Berkeley’s campus is surprisingly off the beaten path. This portal into the depths is located off one of the main routes onto campus from the north, and the sides are about chest height and so it’s easy to miss the hanging sculpture which hangs above the entrance to the library.

Hanging Sculpture