Dam in the Mist

This was one of those moments of pure chance. I was just coming back from a long weekend and hit rain just outside of the Tri-Cities while on some winding mountain roads. Then all of a sudden the rain let up just as I was passing Watauga Lake just in time to see this incredible mist coming off the lake. Within 10 minutes of taking this shot the mist had completely dissipated.

Dam in the Mist

Watauga Dam, Front and Back

It’s hard to tell from looking at the lake, even with the plaque in front of you, just how massive the Watauga Dam is… until you turn around. It’s actually pretty disorienting to look at what looks like a normal lake, then turn around and see the valley that the lake used to be. And when you look down the slope at the valley floor below you really start to understand how deep the lake really is.

Watauga Dam


Appalachian Homestead

Hiking the trails at Laurel Run park takes you past a couple of old “homesites” up in the woods behind the park. There’s no arguing the location is pretty, and there’s a nice stream nearby. But the placement of the homes, their remoteness, begs the question how did these people get in and out, or was this area less densely forested once upon a time?

Asa Simpson Homesite