Guest Post: Ring of Fire

Today’s guest post is by David Bain:
I took the photo along a cliffside during a traditional Balinese ceremony right after sunset. It is too dark to see the cliff in the background of the picture, but the light from the fire and people’s smartphones is bright and contrasting. Nearly every single viewer is observing the ceremony through a smartphone or camera creating a technological gaze.

Ring of Fire


Indoor Ring with Hay

When the weather outside is frightful (pardon the cliché), an indoor ring is good for two very important duties: (1) keeping the hay dry to feed the horses and (2) riding. This photograph has symmetry highlighted by the very bright windows; when a very bright light source shines through a lens (and it’s particularly noticeable with this prime lens), it creates an image of itself on the inverse side of the center of the image. In this particular case, that inverted image appears over the pony, indicating that the pony is across the inversion point from the window.

Indoor Ring with Hay

Riders at the Rail

At the Kentucky Horse Park, the Kentucky Summer Classic has wound down and Pony Finals are about to begin. This particular arrangements of trainers, riders, and well-wishers was arrayed at the the warm-up ring, and the gradient of shadows beneath the tree branches brought to mind some modern take on a Renaissance painting: linear, repeating patterns and strong, horizontal lines.

Riders at the Rail

Guest Post: Desert Nightfall

Today’s post comes courtesy of Piper J. Klemm:

Mid-winter brings the Thermal horse show near Palm Desert, California. The whole scene is alien: the barren hills and the enormous, surreal jumps are watched over by the otherworldly poles of the lights. In HDR, the way these metal cylinders distort and section the landscape is fascinatingly exaggerated.

Desert Nightfall