Golden Gate in Summer

I love finding the little details in epic landscapes that provide the sense of human scale and presence. (It’s a bit like a photographic “Where’s Waldo?”) In the lower center of this image, at the left edge of the Berkeley Marina, you can see light tiny lights of the restaurant where diners look out over the Bay and the sunset.

Golden Gate in Summer


3 thoughts on “Golden Gate in Summer”

    1. Thank you! I saw this view almost every night during my sabbatical in California this spring, so I was able to wait for the perfect alignment.

      1. Waiting, yes. Too many of us just want to move on to the next shot. I recently went photographing with a photographer who only shoots film. At first it was a bit frustrating for me but I learned to look more closely and experiment with new ways of photographing. Patience is a virtue.

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