Old Modern Shapes

At the dawn of the twentieth century, all was hopeful and “excellent.” When the Bay Bridge opened in 1936, human ingenuity could solve any problem, bridges replaced ferries, cars replaced horses, aircraft would soon replace trains. Now we’re orphans of the future, living in a world when “modernity” is in the past, and epic symbols of the era and its architecture are quickly becoming relics. Though I have no nostalgia for much of the social/cultural mores of the time period, I do find it fascinating to look upon the structures built “for the future” from the standpoint of that future. Perhaps it makes me wonder, just a bit, what we build for our own future now.

Old Modern Shapes

2 thoughts on “Old Modern Shapes”

  1. Thanks for the thoughtful post. I remember when I suddenly realized “modern” was just another phase, rather than a description of today. Your photo in black and white is perfect for the post.

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