Quitting Time at the Lab

Snow covered northern New York this week, and the temperature rests in the single degrees Fahrenheit; now is an excellent time to look back at the warm eternal-summer glow of California. Particularly in contrast to the >60-hour-per-week graduate students down on campus, the “standard” workweek of staff at Berkeley Lab was a remarkably normal trend. At the end of the day, with that sunset light arriving, the workers who keep the physical plant running come outside into the evening breeze and head home.

Quitting Time at the Lab


3 thoughts on “Quitting Time at the Lab”

  1. What a beautiful image.

    Having lived in Central New York (Hamilton) for many years and traveled in winter to Canton and other Adirondack communities, I know how black and white the landscape can be to say nothing of the cold. Frankly I’m glad to live in the North Bay Area of California. I’m glad you were able to experience that climate as well.

    1. Thank you! The climate of the Bay Area is so miraculous—I feel like it influences the place every bit as much as the heavy show influences Northern New York.

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