ADK Autumn

Students bring energy and excitement to my world, so there’s no more exciting time of the year than the start of fall. Though the school year has just ended and summer is beginning, I’m already looking forward to the next season. I live in some bizarro-world version of what I remember experiencing as a boy, when I awaited the start of summer and dreaded the return of the school year.

ADK Autumn

3 thoughts on “ADK Autumn”

  1. Lovely image and I wish I felt the same as you. As my final bout of grading ends (Please! Please! Let it be done!), I cannot help but think how happy I am to be done with teaching for a bit to get back to writing. I wish I felt the way you feel and your comment actually makes me wonder whether I can (re)make my classes much more collaborative and so tap into that “student energy” you love.

    1. Having just finished grading myself, I’m sympathetic. I teach several lab courses that give students a chance to problem solve actively while I’m mostly on the side, offering guidance—I wonder if that’s where I find a lot of the energy and excitement.

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