The Weekend of July 4th in California

There’s something quintessentially “summer” about a pool party at a weird California hillside home built in the mid-twentieth century. There are little details and vignettes among the clusters of people—stories packed into the space. This party took place almost nine years ago; I can’t remember what a single group was discussing.

The Weekend of July 4th In California

Up and Down Humarock

May has brought summery weather to the North Country and reminds me of summers past. The rock-strewn beaches of Humarock, outside Boston, provided the backdrop to boyhood Junes and Julys.

Up and Down Humarock I

Up and Down Humarock II

Up and Down Humarock III

Fireworks and the Campanile

And now a quick holiday bonus. I wanted to get this one out while it was fresh in my mind: the glorious experience of watching half a dozen Fourth of July fireworks shows simultaneously. It’s moments like this, gazing over the bay and its gorgeous lights, that I really appreciate living here.

Fireworks and the Campanile