Multnomah Bridge

Traveling across America, I can’t help but be astonished by the difference in scale between the East and West Coasts. The Northeast has waterfalls, sure—but nothing like Multnomah falls. (Well, not many.) The majesty must become almost pedestrian after a while when living adjacent to such a place. I particularly like this image two two reasons: the tiny hikers clustered on the bridge add a sense of impossible scale, and cropping out the top of the falls lends the setting a feeling that the falls must continue on forever. In my own tiny way, as well, I really love the tiny insertion of man-made concrete into the otherwise natural scene.

Multnomah Bridge


3 thoughts on “Multnomah Bridge”

    1. And to think that this was during the August “dry season.” I can’t imagine how lush the falls would be in early spring!

      1. I tried to get that picture about a year ago,when visiting Portland. Compared to yours, mine is drab. And a bit sad. I cannot take my eyes off the saturated green in your photo.

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