Graduate Student Workspace

When all of “my space” meant a tiny Berkeley apartment and a tiny grad student desk, things that were important to me and integral to my daily life accrued only in those places. This desk might appear messy, but it’s also stuffed full of books and tables and notes. There are parts of my bike and parts for the laser and parts for making things in the machine shop. There are drawings and computer equipment, and there are cups for coffee and cups for beer. What more does a graduate student need?

Graduate Student Workspace

5 thoughts on “Graduate Student Workspace”

  1. I can imagine appreciating my also small apartment I share and the small space I am obligated to use as soon as I walk through the door, but only after I get rich and famous and live in a penthouse overlooking a huge city. Maybe. ^^ At the moment, I only crave coffee and Nutella from time from time. Gotta work with what you’ve got. 🙂

    1. Haha this is a tiny desk for a grad student, rather than a desk for a tiny grad student. (Though a large person would not fit here, to be sure.)

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