Through-Arch Bridge

Rivers cast a net over the northeast, one usually escaped with myriad bridges. Most are schlubby, utilitarian affairs, existing only to convey traffic (and never to inspire.) This particular through-arch bridge south of Canton, NY, however, brings a certain class to the whole “crossing a river” affair. The wood construction puts me in mind of Viking longboats and Scandinavia in general—very appropriate for the North Country. When even the patterns in the clouds align with the bridge, the drama is only heightened.

Through-Arch Bridge

12 thoughts on “Through-Arch Bridge”

    1. I don’t know that I’ve seen another bridge of this type in the North Country yet; maybe they’re out there. I wonder what inspired the designers of this particular bridge to get creative?

  1. This is a really beautiful photo and a lovely bridge! 🙂 I’ve never seen wooden arches like these before, i like it very much!

    1. I was surprised, too! I’d seen them in buildings, but not in a bridge like this. It felt so ancient and modern at the same time.

      1. Yes, exaclty 🙂 It’s very nice! We have too much steel and concrete already. I wish they did more bridges like this one 🙂

  2. […] fundamental power in the laminated wood structure of this through-arch bridge (which I’ve photographed before), and I love the way it’s enhanced by the imposing pickup truck and the dramatic […]

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