Herring-Cole at Dusk

For my little mini-project of documenting the end of the school year at St. Lawrence (previous days showed the cars, and the dorms, and the boat house, and the emotional remembrances), I also wanted to capture the interior of the slightly creepy Herring-Cole Hall at the end of finals week. Only a single student is still toughing it out to the end.

Herring-Cole at Dusk


5 thoughts on “Herring-Cole at Dusk”

  1. I saw this and couldn’t help but think of the times I spent in Herring Cole with my friends before the renovations. Our sophomore year, there were 8 of us that could regularly be found haunting the study area, along with assorted others. There wasn’t card access, so the building was open until security came through at night, usually sometime around 9. They would come in, say good evening, and then lock us in. From there on out, it was our place. Nobody else could get in unless we let them in; if a snack run was made, someone had to stay behind to open the door or else we couldn’t get our stuff back. Shenanigans of the highest form ensued. Races around the second floor, sliding contests across the tile floor, explorations in the creepy basement, and opening whatever drawers and cabinets were unlocked to see what the old place was hiding. Display cases were a huge hit because some of them were simple to get open; getting to look at the old brochures and objects was the highlight of the night. Filing cabinets held boxes upon boxes of old slide projector slides; holding them up to the light revealed a variety of images, some of campus, but most of unknown origin. Guitars and ukuleles found there way in as the shape and architecture of the building lends itself easily to music; there was never a need to have a microphone as long as you knew how to use your voice. It was so cold in there most nights that I took to bringing a blanket and we fought over who got to sit next to the big, old radiators. Oh, some work did get done. We finished presentations, puzzled over the organic chemistry take-home, lamented over “unfair” final paper requirements. But most importantly, we had a blast. There was nothing to stop us from taking a break at 1 am during finals week to play a round of Cards Against Humanity; we could sing and dance on the tables, rocking out to Broadway or Taylor Swift depending on the night. We knew where the breaker box was so we could turn on the big lights, we knew which couches were the most comfortable for naps, we knew which keys on the broken piano produced the most horrific notes, we could even get the delivery guy from the Chinese place to bring food to the door. It was our place. It looks incredibly striking after the renovations, but somehow, that magic from sophomore year disappeared and we never returned to study as a group. Nevertheless, friendships grew in that old building, ones that continued on through the rest of my years at SLU. I am so sad to leave it behind.

    Allison Schloop

    1. Those are such great memories! Herring Cole is such a Hogwartsian space. You haven’t left it behind forever—you’ll be back to visit before you know it.

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