Summer Evacuation

Driving through the Adirondacks during these first few weekends of fall, the summer vacationers are in full retreat. The rear guard hangs on for a few more weeks as the trees turn to oranges and reds, but the end is near. Even if I know rationally that the sea plane is grounded (watered?) for the night, I can’t help but imagine the plane waiting to carry away the summer’s strong survivors.

Summer Evacuation

5 thoughts on “Summer Evacuation”

  1. Beautiful image. That warm glowing light from sunset is so appealing. Is this Long Lake? If so where? I used to live in Hamilton, NY and traveled extensively throughout the north region.

    1. You have a good eye—this is the middle of Long Lake, where Rt. 30 crosses it. (Basically across the street from the Adirondack Hotel.) Traveling between New England and the North Country last weekend, the Adirondacks were looking gorgeous; I’ll be posting a few more pictures from the trip later this week, too.

      1. Thank you. I know exactly where you took this picture. It brings back some nice memories. I look forward to seeing the rest. The Adirondacks are beautiful but even more so during this time of the year.

  2. […] I’ve explored the Adirondacks in autumn. This particular setting (just across the street from last week’s sea plane) is another irreducible representation of the glassy water, expansive sky, and intimate beaches of […]

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