Ariadne Turns 1

If I may digress from stark images of winter landscapes or warm seaside expanses for a moment to something more personal: I recently attended a birthday party for my one-year-old niece. The extended family was overjoyed, and she was a bit overwhelmed. In the landscape of warm woods and deep shadows and Persian rugs, the sense of “home” was overpowering. This was a place that could exist at almost any point in the past 150 years, somewhere in New England.

Ariadne Turns One

4 thoughts on “Ariadne Turns 1”

  1. Stunning. You’ve caught her expression of “what is going on” so well. The reds are also very nice and visually connected. By the way, please birthday wishes.

    1. I’ll be sure to pass on the birthday wishes. She’s one excited, curious kid.

    1. It kind of feels like young ones playing with wooden toys is a timeless thing. She’s quite the darling.

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