Sometimes, ghosting is a gross byproduct of taking HDR brackets in an imperfect world. Other times, it can be used to create a ghostly Schrödinger’s Cat elevator door, neither closed nor open, forever in flux. Different moments in time and space, overlapped, with brain-twisting results.



2 thoughts on “Ghostavator”

  1. That’s cool! Question–please forgive me if you’ve answered this already: in all these HDR shots are you using your camera’s auto HDR setting or are you manually bracketing and then adding them together using Photoshop or equivalent? Thanks! I’m a beginniner and I love the stuff you show. I’m also constantly tempted to use my camera’s auto settings.

    1. Thanks! This is a three-shot HDR made from camera brackets (-2/0/+2 EV) and composited using Photomatix. The built-in settings can work well for things like preventing the sky from being washed out, but I really appreciate the depth of control that Photomatix provides.

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