Ghostly Dining

In the dining hall of Timberline Lodge (just around the corner from the gorgeous main hall), the imposing wood and the elegant place settings seem immovable and eternal. The human beings floating through, blurry and insubstantial and fleeting, are as ghosts.

Ghostly Dining

2 thoughts on “Ghostly Dining”

  1. Can you say a bit more about this photo? How long was the shutter open? I’m sure you were using a tripod.

    1. Sure! You can always click through to flickr, where most of the metadata from the image is available. I do tend to use a tripod for most shots, but this one was actually free-handed at 1/20 and f/4.2 with my 10-20mm wide-angle. I guess I have steady hands; I was surprised when this came out and managed to capture so much movement from the patrons and servers without blurring.

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