A stream runs through it

Ok so you can’t fly fish in it but this stream that runs through Muir Woods National Monument really helps set the peaceful mood of the park.

Running Water

2 thoughts on “A stream runs through it”

  1. Cool photo. The Muir Woods are beautiful and when I used to live in the bay area, I really enjoyed going there. Unfortunately, this was before I got into photography, so I do not have any photos. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful it is there. On technical note, one thing that helps these sorts of shots is a polarizing filter. It really helps cut down on the reflections in the water and the rocks to really bring out the details of what is underneath.

    1. Thanks! Muir woods is one of the few places in the Bay Area that really reminds me of home back in the PNW, and it’s very photogenic!

      I’ve been meaning to get a polarizer, or really a set of polarizers since I’ve got 5 lenses with 5 different filter diameters! It’s up there with all the other fun bits of photographic equipment and lenses I’ll get around to buying one of these days when I finally finish grad school. I’ve found by and large with three shot HDR, especially with my 60D where my extremes can be as far out as +/- 2 EV, that many shots are pretty manageable. This is the rare one where the highlights, the reflections on the rocks, really, are distractingly washed out.

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