Effusion Cell

This is the tail-end of the multi-cell system used in my research group to apply monolayers (one molecule thick) to single crystals of silver. It’s a bit amazing how such a wild sentence can become mundane with years of exposure. In any case, I really love the intricacy and attention that has been applied to every bolt and wire; scientific equipment is the ultimate in utilitarian design.

Effusion Cell

4 thoughts on “Effusion Cell”

      1. Awesome work, some nice machining in the photo, i could do that bit (the machining), then I read down to –
        k|| = (2meEkin/h2k||2)1/2 sin(theta)
        and decided that I did not want to do that bit…

  1. […] photograph from a lab in the Charles Harris Group at UC Berkeley. I previously photographed this effusion cell apparatus from an orthogonal orientation, but I also found this shot at its long axis intriguing. […]

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