Seattle Radar

In Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood lies Seattle’s Discovery Park, formerly Fort Lawton. The park still contains the vestiges of the old military installation including this radar dome, which looks sort of out of place in a municipal park. This was taken just after one of Seattle’s characteristic spectacularly colorful sunsets.

Seattle Radar

Toy Seattle

I recently received a Lensbaby Composer, and while I was in Seattle I decided to try to figure out how to use it. It is definitely harder than it looks, and the live preview (with the ability to zoom) is a life saver when it comes to shooting pictures that are in focus, especially when shooting distant objects (arguable this is not what it was meant for). Getting the “sweet spot” just right can be a challenge in these circumstances. That said, it does allow the photographer to frame their subjects in a very neat way, and in a very authentic way as well.

Miniature Seattle

The Olympics (the mountains)

Snow peaked, and with a nice alpenglow, the Olympic mountains in the morning are one of the more spectacular sights to be seen from Seattle (behind, of course, the massive Mt. Rainier which looms over the city). On this unusually calm, clear (not to mention cold) morning I was able to grab this shot of Puget Sound in front of the Olympics, along with two Ferries making the Fauntleroy-Vashon run.